we are a studio of talent, creativity, design and strategy. our perspective is to understand the needs, wants, and perceptions of people to deliver quality services for a better tomorrow. we also have a passion for the details striving to make the design of product or everyday user experience come to life. it is a long and windy road but we commit ourselves to moving on relentlessly.







the team


our team includes three major functions: Marketing, Sales and R&D. the main idea is initiated by the marketing team while the R&D develops the APP/SW based on marketing’s initiation. The sales team then promotes and introduces the APPs into the markets. The R&D team also integrates the abilities of UI design and process engineering which have become extremely important in applications nowadays.

Though the members come from different places, we can all be mutually inclusive and help each other in all aspects. We are very proud of our team and mutual support to get things done.